Who We Are


Located just outside Milwaukee, Quality Tank Solutions specializes in stainless steel tank manufacturing, serving the craft brewing, beverage, food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.  With over 75 employees, we're a highly skilled team with 50+ years of experience in the stainless industry. Each of our tanks and systems are designed specifically per customer specifications to meet and exceed their expectations. Our customer service is like that of no other. We're readily available by phone and email virtually around the clock.  We pride ourselves in working directly alongside our customers and creating a lifelong friendship along the way.

Since we're a full-service tank manufacturer and offer complete turnkey systems, offering sanitary fittings and valves is just one more thing that we can do to make QTS a one stop shop! That way when you choose QTS to be your preferred tank vendor, we can supply you with everything you may need. Please feel free to contact us with any quote request or if you need anything other than what is listed on the site.

Make sure to check out our main website, www.qts4u.com, for more information about Quality Tank Solutions!

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